Popular Posts 2020

Oh, what a year. Of course the main concern was the pandemic. Island living from an islander’s perspective meant a lot more home time, and almost no posts about parades and parties. Weekenders either never showed up, or showed up and stayed rather than return to denser neighborhoods. Many found that working from the island can be a full-time possibility. The island was in the front of the news about the pandemic; then thanks to those who acted responsibly, Island County became one of the safest counties in one of the safest states. So, with so much cancelled, which posts were the most popular in 2020?

The top ten:

Bicycling, flying, tides and currents, all things that affect people doing things outdoors, which felt like one of the safer places this year. Old posts come in handy.

Affordability, real estate, housing, as well as high-speed internet all center on what it takes to live, learn, work, and retire to the island. Those issues were heightened this year as people from the cities are moving to the country.

Geology continues to intrigue people. Oh well, when there’s nothing else to do, go outside and look at rocks, old glacial drainages, and maybe work a bit more on that emergency preparedness kit.

Cascadia is a concept, though some people would like to make it a nation. Considering the fractured nature of US politics, well, stranger things have happened. (See the histories of the Louisiana Purchase, Seward’s Folly, and how Florida became part of the US.)

2021 won’t immediately flip over to no restrictions. Some islanders have received a corona virus vaccine, but we are probably months away from those parades, fairs, parties, dances, and festivals. But hopefully they’ll return before the end of the year. Until then, wash your hands, wear a mask, and bring that day closer.

2 thoughts on “Popular Posts 2020

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