Happy First Anniversary

One year young, and seeing no reason to stop. This blog, AboutWhidbey.com is now one year old. “Island living from an islander’s perspective” is evidently dynamic despite Whidbey Island’s reputation as a place where things more slower than on the mainland. Interested in seeing what interests others? Here’s the list of the top ten posts from the first year of the blog. It’s a mix, which is appropriate considering the island’s different communities.

  1. Healthy Whidbey
  2. Following The Money
  3. Feeling Charitable On Whidbey
  4. A Coworks Arrives On Whidbey
  5. Glaciers Carved Whidbey
  6. Mansions On Whidbey
  7. Where Are The People
  8. Seasons Of Whidbey
  9. Affordability And Puget Sound Islands
  10. Seattle To Whidbey And Affordability

Health and wealth rule the conversations, so far. A bit of geology gets tacked on, which will probably get much busier if there’s a slide or a quake. Stay tuned to read what comes next. This may be a quiet island, but that doesn’t mean it is standing still.