Thomas (Tom) Trimbath, Real Estate Broker (Dalton Realty, Inc.)

I am a fan of the quiet island life – that isn’t too far from the big city (Seattle). Seattle is amazing. No wonder it ranks so high on so many lists. That’s ironic because I moved here when it wasn’t as popular. In 1980, Seattle was known for jokes grey skies and rain. It still has those, but it is also much more obviously vibrant, now.

I moved to Seattle, but I really moved to Boeing as an aerospace engineer, which meant living in almost a dozen neighborhoods and suburbs thanks to career moves. It was a great education in the diversity of housing options from waterfront condos to large suburban homes and yards – even tiny houses. It was Whidbey Island that I was drawn to even when I couldn’t live on it. That changed in 2005 when I moved to the south end of the island: far enough away yet close enough to the city. Here, life is quieter, slower (hello, island time), and only a ferry away from the rest.

Finding a home that meets and matches with a person’s lifestyle is always a unique challenge. Life changes. Housing changes. One of my joys is helping people meet their goals, whether that’s a project, an artwork, or finding a home. Being able to help people and Whidbey, well, that’s a bonus. And, if you want to hear about dancing on the island, well, that’s another bonus.

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