Whidbey Coronavirus April 3 2020

Pardon the lack of literary narrative this time, but islanders’ stories are so varied that a few hundred words can’t capture the variety of experiences. Some think it is all a show. Others are in daily threat as they treat people. Some have died. Many are worried about jobs, money, family, and friends. Parents REALLY wish schools would re-open. Many are inconvenienced and probably safe as long as they stay home. Pets are happy.

The following is an update to the post from a month ago. Check back on Whidbey Coronavirus Info from the beginning of March for a comparison of how things have changed. About that time, Island County reported its first patient with a positive test for the virus.

There are undoubtedly more resources and news stories, and every hour brings updates. Navy personnel are affected by conditions in the fleet. Unemployment around the Puget Sound is affected as already-stricken Boeing (and hence its supply chain) has problems. Meanwhile, Amazon is certainly in several news items from delivery services, restrictions, employee hiring and employee protests… Not a dull time. Real estate continues, through heavily throttled while some islands try to enforce their moats and block non-residents from retreating from the cities. Between now and next month there will be more than enough items to discuss. Hopefully, this post brings some things up to date. Also, hopefully, there won’t be a need for too many subsequent updates because hopefully the crisis will end soon. Hopefully.

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