Watching Whidbey April 2020

Corona, corona, corona. There’s not much else to talk about, right? Right. Islanders have many different ways to deal with the crisis (which most are doing so well at that there’s reason for optimism. (See previous post.) Rather than describe such a wide variety of stories, here are videos of what islanders have been doing in the meantime. Crisis? Yep. Opportunity, too.

Sheila Weidendorf plays piano – Some sweet musical accompaniment expertly played.

Closed for Coronavirus – A quiet look at downtown Langley.

Wingsurfing Whidbey Island – NOT windsurfing. Look at the board and the rig that’s held in hand.

Orcas in Freeland – When we get quiet Nature drops by to check on us. (Facebook link)

Whales in Saratoga Passage – Part of their regular majestic tour – during which they try to avoid the orcas.

Bruiser – Our elk in a Whidbey Camano Land Trust preserve

Tree Talk – Can’t find someone to talk to or hug? Try a tree.

Whidbey Doughnuts – Got to close your restaurant? Switch to delivery, and put creative energies into videos.

Quarantine Concert with Scottish Smallpipes – “Music for quarantineville” (Facebook Link)

Are there more? Of course! Islanders are creative and resourceful. Use these as starting points. Whidbey Doughnuts alone has over a dozen videos. Be careful binge watching their channel though. Nah. Just enjoy.

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