Is Whidbey Changing – Spring 2019 – Coupeville

From a presentation about real estate and affordability trends on Whidbey Island;
“It is far too easy to dive into those anecdotes about nature, tourism, movies, and the military. That made it particularly interesting to compile the data about what people are willing to pay to be in the vicinity, though it includes a bias by not including those who wouldn’t pay to be there. Valuing such a non-event is difficult.”

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Every place is the same. Every place is different. Supply and demand affect prices. But every place has its supply issues and a demand for that supply. Saturday, May 4th, was the fourth in my series of talks about real estate and affordability on Whidbey Island. 47532-Is WhidbeyChanging-LNG POSTER My work as a real estate broker is a great opportunity to dive into data, and my time as an engineer means data is a comfort zone for me. Put the two together and find a good reason to talk about data on topics that are frequently defined by anecdotes. This time the talk was at the library in Coupeville with an audience mostly from central Whidbey. It is a place in demand, with some supply issues, and plenty of stories.

Data is objective. Data can also include biases, but data about houses that were sold is data based on people making commitments measured…

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