Another Storm And Tea

Maybe your drink is wine, or water, or whiskey, or mead, or beer. In any case, it is the first weekend in March, that time when islanders start looking forward to festivals, flowers, fun. And yet, another storm is coming to town. The delivery date for spring is March 20. Islanders can wonder if that shipment will be delivered late, too. In the meantime, console yourself with a drink. (Current personal choice: Darjeeling, for now.)

This year has been a weird one for weather. Whidbey is far from being a southern clime, and we are still officially in winter, but it is easy to start thinking about warmer times. Musselfest is this weekend. Skunk cabbage are sprouting. Studded tires only get one more month of wear. (Keep the chains handy in case you’re going over a mountain pass.) Bulbs are blooming. More shops are opening, or getting ready for summer crowds. Gardeners get busy. And at least in one iteration of a weather forecast we were predicted to have a chance of thundersnow. Not just thunder (and hence lightning.) Not just snow, but both in thundersnow. As of now, back to rain, again.

March is a messy month. We’ve been inside long enough that we want to get out, regardless. This year, however, getting out has been hindered by black ice, power outages, water over roadway, tree over roadway, and snow over roadway. Poor roadways.

Maybe this is an encouragement for working on those taxes. Pour some more tea, or whatever.

Rhodies are getting ready. Farm stands are finding things to sell. Shelves are being stocked. There’s pressure building to put January and February further in our past. We’re looking forward to April and May and June. Here, of course, all three will have similar showers to April’s.

Still it is winter. The extension cord to the water pipe heater tape is ready to be plugged in if the air gets cold enough. Camping coolers might be living on balconies or in carports for those who need a place to store emergency food. Candles are stocked. Batteries are charged (unless you’ve installed so much solar power that you don’t have to worry.) Maybe some firewood, even just for ambiance.

A bit more patience. Long-time residents are practiced at waiting. The sunshiny part of days is getting longer. Birds are migrating through. Fresher vegetables are getting closer. Hens are ready to get busier laying more eggs.

In the meantime, watch the weather radar, check friends’ posts about winds and such, and make sure there isn’t much outside that can get blown around. And maybe pour another cup of tea.

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