Facebook Groups

It was such a silly and simple idea. Not everyone is on Facebook, but there’s a lot of islanders who are. Many of them have formed groups. Cool. They may be official or informal or both, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to list them. Right? That way folks who want answers have another set of resources to check out. Much, much, copy & pasting later is the list below.

Facebook Groupmembers
Whidbey Island Rocks – WIR28000
Alert Whidbey 2.023000
Whidbey Road Conditions8100
Whidbey Island News and Events7000
Whidbey Island Events and More6100
Whidbey Island Garage/Estate Sales4700
Whidbey Island Free Sale3300
Whidbey Pet Lost & Found3200
Heads Up Whidbey3200
Whidbey Island Things To Do3100
Whidbey Island Angels2900
Homes for sale or rent Whidbey Island WA2100
The Whidbey Island Connector1900
South Whidbey Pet Network1700
Whidbey Island Gigs, Odd Jobs and Local/Home Business Services1700
Whidbey island music scene1600
whidbey island farm and barter1300
Whidbey Island Weather1100
Whidbey Events1100
Whidbey Lost And Found1000
Whidbey Western Games Association – WWGA788
Whidbey Island Business Page732
Whidbey Island Angels Resource Center684
Whidbey Island Live Music658
Eggs on Whidbey609
Whidbey Island Boost607
Whidbey Island Waldorf School Friends, Families & Alumni584
Whidbey Island Hay Hookup530
Whidbey Island Looks Like Shit388
Zero Waste Whidbey385
Crazy Bag Lady of South Whidbey362
Whidbey Authors355
Whidbey Open Water Swimmers332
Whidbey Island 4-H Community316
Whidbey Island Visual Artists (WIVA)289
Wild Whidbey288
Whidbey job listings and seeking work265
Friends of Langley, Whidbey Island264
Whidbey Island Golden Retriever Social and Discussion Group246
South Whidbey Yacht Club229
Whidbey Island Dance Community 2.0189
Whidbey Island Real Estate Investors143
Whidbey Island Music Gear Swap and Sale142
Whidbey Island Camera Club127
Whidbey Island Photography and Videography121
Whidbey Doodle Club110
Whidbey Island Flea Market108
South Whidbey Runners96
Whidbey Island Contra Dance84
South Whidbey High School Athletic Boosters Club74
Whidbey Tango73
Whidbey Island Maritime Festival70
Whidbey KidLit63
Spirited Work – Program of the Whidbey Institute.62
South Whidbey Parks & Recreation Pickleball51
Wild Swimmers of Whidbey Island51
Whidbey Island Local Musicians47
Cougs on Whidbey40
South Whidbey Garden Club37
Mini Aussies of South Whidbey34
Whidbey Island Filmmakers31
Whidbey Fine Art Photographers12
Whidbey Photo Adventures12
Whidbey Island Arts in Education Consortium6

It isn’t comprehensive. It only involves Facebook. These are only ones with ‘Whidbey’ in their name. It doesn’t include the private groups. It doesn’t include other businesses, organizations, causes, interests, and people. Some local celebrity probably has more followers. But, it is one view of how many different things islanders care about. The heartening thing is how many of the groups are about each other, sharing news and help that may get skipped by TV stations, radio stations, podcasts, newsletters, and blogs.

That’s 65 groups. The small ones may be new, or forgotten, or the members moved to another group. The largest contain about a third of the island’s population. As long as Facebook is around there will be changes. New groups will be added. Interests change.

Facebook is not everything, however. There are other social media sites. There are also these things called ‘meetings’ where people get together in person and meet. (Shocking!)

Thanks to everyone who contributes useful things and support. Good luck to anyone who tries to follow all of them.

BTW Whidbey Island Rocks has the most members. They’re not a rock band. They are a band of people who like painting and distributing rocks. We found common ground! Er, common rocks, at least.

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