Giving Thanks To Fellow Islanders

Thanks to islanders who make Whidbey Island a nice place to live. Thanks to readers who enjoy the stories and help the community grow. Thanks to the nice people who visit, just for fun.

I missed the anniversary. Five years ago I started this blog because I enjoy sharing this islander’s perspective on island living. Those five years have led to 260 posts on 562 topics. Whidbey is not dull. There’s always something new to mention, and there’s plenty that has yet to be written about. 

Summarizing five years is daunting, and there’s a holiday meal to prepare; so, here’s a reminder of some of the topics, slightly edited, of course. And, of course there is more. This list is mostly just pulled from the hashtags used along the way. Stay tuned. Considering the weird way the world works, there will be something else to add to the list. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our island and our island lifestyle.

  • Rural life and Rural Distancing
  • Fairs and 4-H
  • gardens
  • agriculture and food
  • wine, beer, liquor, and mead
  • shop local, eat local
  • slugs and skunk cabbage
  • clamming, crabbing, and fishing
  • bunnies, coyotes, deer, and one lonely elk
  • bear and beavers
  • whales and salmon
  • birds
  • books and writers and coffee
  • libraries
  • art
  • acting
  • music and dancing
  • movies
  • bicycling
  • parades and parks
  • beaches and bluffs
  • boat launches and marinas
  • sailing and the Salish Sea
  • fairs and festivals
  • Navy and air shows
  • ferries and The Bridge
  • community and commuting
  • cooperating
  • charities
  • entrepreneurs and employment
  • conservation and construction
  • B&B & AirBnB & VRBO & …
  • cabins and mansions
  • billionaires and Maseratis
  • romance
  • tourism
  • container ships
  • buses
  • low tides and King tides
  • weather, climate, and micro-climate
  • rain, snow, and rain shadow
  • storms and outages
  • emergency preparedness and quakes
  • charities and non-profits
  • affordability
  • real estate and housing
  • island life, island living, and island time

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