Corona Virus July 8 2021

The celebrations have already begun. This should be the last of these posts about the pandemic. The vaccines are readily available. The vaccinated people are allowed to get back to something normal. Sadly, there are infections, but those only are happening in less than 1% of the vaccinated population. There are plenty of reasons to remain cautious, but that’s always the case. At least we’ve had the side benefit of very few cases of the flu.

So, one last round of the data to close off the discussion.

Washington State remains one of the healthier states, in terms of the pandemic. It was one of the first places to notice the pandemic. To many, that made it sound like the least healthy place, but respecting the data meant learning about it sooner than most, discovering how to defend against it, and getting to work on it longer. Ironically, that diligence may have been because someone ignored their boss and investigated it before others told them to.


Within the state, Island County was also one of the earliest infection sites, and one of the earliest places to learn how to deal with the situation. While we are celebrating progress, the data are still above where we were during the worst of the worries, but now the trend is heading down and certainties of how to treat it are trending up.

WA State Department of Health

For a place like Whidbey which is so appealing during fine weather, it’s good timing. Parades, fairs, dances, and concerts are happening again. Harvests are cropping up. Bicyclists are touring the island – and getting to roll past the ferry lines which are lengthening as usual.

That last line may need an edit because the lines seem to be longer than usual, and not just on the weekends. People want to move, get out and travel at least a bit. The islands, and really all of the Salish Sea area are natural destinations for people who want to relax in nature, naturally. Even the park parking lots are frequently full.

In some ways, the recovery caught some businesses by surprise as they shut down for major renovations. A good idea, but they didn’t get as much time as they expected.

The pandemic is past. The heatwave came, hit, and went. The crowds are back for the season. Even the whales and birds have been commuting through as usual.

It still makes sense keep those masks handy and to check at the door to every place you visit. Some places benefit from extra caution. Respect that. In general though, it is time for those parties, dances, and playing outdoors.

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