Corona Virus April 2 2021

Data were available earlier, but posting anything on April 1st can be tricky,

What’s becoming less risky is Covid, or more correctly, what’s definitely improving is the defense, the vaccines. Now that the earliest vaccines have been delivered to specific groups, we’ve made enough progress that access is becoming much more available.

…effective April 15, all Washingtonians age 16 and up will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.” – Governor Inslee

In Island County (Whidbey Island, Camano Island, et al.) we’re making good progress.

The data also suggest that infections are down on our islands…

…and infections are down across Washington State.

We’re far down from the holiday peak, and – oh well, not below where we’ve been before, but getting there.

The cases are somewhat concentrated, though that’s likely to be a consequence of population density. Oak Harbor has more people in less space. Someone might make a PhD thesis out of untangling the causations from the correlations.

Regardless, almost every area has ten cases or fewer, with some being much lower.

This pandemic has lasted longer than expected (it certainly wasn’t expected to be a regular topic of this blog), but the arrival of the vaccines has been very welcome.

The vaccines, and the vaccination rates are in a race against the original contagion and the subsequent mutations. Fortunately, enough people are acting responsibly (and are frequently enjoying a sense of relief.) Until then, the familiar refrain continues to apply;

“We’re getting there, but not there yet. Stay tuned. Keep it clean. Thanks for helping.”

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