Thanksgiving 2020


A few things islanders can be thankful for.

  • The power stayed on, mostly. (There’s usually at one tree branch on some power line in November.)
  • The ferries kept running. (No cancellations from winds or tides, evidently.)
  • It didn’t rain (much.)
  • It wasn’t windy (much.)
  • It wasn’t too hot (naturally), and it wasn’t too cold (thankfully.)
  • There were so many charitable people providing meals that some of the operations had leftovers.
  • Life was generally peaceful (but, you know, humans will be humans.)
  • The orcas were back in town (or Sound, in their case.)
  • Buster the elk is probably still wondering around. (Is one big elk the equivalent of eight tiny reindeer?)
  • Lots of masks were being used (though more would be even better.)
  • No snow here (but snow in the mountains.)
  • Surfboards were busy as a series of waves rolled in. (Yes, there is surfing here. Dress warm.)
  • Shops and restaurants continue to find innovative ways to serve us, and stay in business. (An amazing accomplishment.)
  • There may never have been such a well-documented collection of meal photos, including plenty of people who decided to cook outdoors by deep-frying or grilling or roasting over an open, outdoor fire. (Now, if only the gyms were open so folks could work it all back off.)
  • We’re almost through 2020 (and can see 2021 from here.)

To all the charitable and compassionate people out there, thanks for doing what you do. Happy Thanksgiving.

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