Little Things – November 2020

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? It would be grand to only write about such things, but a couple of events within the last seven days remind us that small, invisible things can make big, bad news. Despite bits of misfortune there are small things that can be big and good, too.

First, the dramatic news.

Friday 13th Power Outage

At least we know 2020 has a sense of timing. A bit of wind that wasn’t forecast to have a major impact managed to knock out power to almost the entire island. Some places were out for over twelve hours. Generators were exercised. Folks with sufficient solar panels were pleased that there was enough sunshine to fill their batteries. Candles and lanterns and grills and corkscrews were employed. Within the next seven days, two more storms came through with barely any outages. Outages in autumn can happen more readily if the trees haven’t lost their leaves. Soften the soil with enough rain and the local foliage can turn power lines into tangles. Even the eagles had a tough time commuting.

Covid – Again

Normally, posting about Covid once a month is enough, but it is hard to ignore the recent surge in cases on the island. Washington State continues to do better than most of the US, and Island County remains in Phase Three even while many counties are in Phase Two. But, the way to defend against this little, invisible, yet significant and deadly pandemic is to keep doing what many have been doing, and now do it better. Wear a mask. It’s cheap, easy, and local artisans are finding creative solutions for us to wear.

Now, something more positive.

Shop Local

Especially as stores lock down again, and just after businesses were out of power for a while, shopping local can have a greater effect than normal. Normally, shopping local is very beneficial to store owners and artists. This year that is amplified. Even if you can’t visit their store, many are finding ways to take orders over the phone or online – or maybe by knocking on their door. Don’t expect to get invited in, but buying from them instead of the mall or from mega-corporations can be memorable for you and fellow islanders.

And a Bit of Beauty

And in case you are interested in raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, the Rose Garden at Greenbank Farm is outdoors and easy to walk around;

and it you want to rescue a kitten who becomes part of your life, consider WAIF (Whidbey Animals Improvement Foundation).

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