Cute Bear Dangerous Deer

Alternate title: Bear Seeking Beer & Deer That Is Not Dear

Nature can be so confusing. Maybe it’s just the islands. Nature decided to act naturally, which confused us pesky humans. Within the last several posts there have been words about Elk, Bear, and Whales; as well as Deer, Bunnies, and Turkeys. The bear and deer have decided to somehow switch roles, at least for a while.


“Island-hopping Bear Is Caught And Returned To Wild” – South Whidbey Record

The bear didn’t stay. He swam, yes, swam, to at least eight of the islands in north Puget Sound. No troubles, besides some surprised residents and probably a few emptied bird feeders. Squirrel proof? Ha! Try making a bird feeder bear proof. The best guess was that he was lonely and looking for a mate. Online dating is so difficult when trying to swipe right or left with claws and paws instead of fingers and hands. Eventually, he made it back to the mainland where he was relaxed around the traps, and wandered around like a laid-back tourist. Washington Fish and Wildlife eventually caught him and proclaimed him one of the nicest bears they’ve ever met. The bear was released on his own recognizance.


One of the dear deer

The deer story is more like something from a biological thriller. At least one deer, and possibly several, have become aggressive enough to actually kill a cat and attack several people. Deer are cute and usually peaceful, but they’ll protect their young. They are also animals, like us in many ways. That means they’re also susceptible to getting sick. There’s a good chance that something is going around that makes them nervous, anxious, and overly aggressive. Imagine a bad patient who can’t visit a doctor (or veterinarian) and who is also taking care of newborn. They don’t get sick leave and their offspring can be just as insistent as any kid. Anecdotes suggest similar events have happened in the area before, and just like the flu, just has to work its way through the system. In the meantime, giving deer a bit more room is one way to reduce the chance of being bit or kicked. Maybe keep the pets indoors, for a while.

Stereotypes are rarely accurate. Nature naturally introduces change, even on a place that seems remote, like Whidbey Island. Somewhere around here there’s probably a lion sleeping beside a lamb, which seems biblical and maybe odd; but there was a report of a puma/cougar/mountain lion on the south end of the island so…

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