Twelve Months At Maxwelton Beach

Just published: Twelve Months at Maxwelton Beach by Tom Trimbath (me)


It is more than one book. This is the sixth in the series, art photo essays of various places on Whidbey Island. The books are available (naturally), as well as individual prints. (Contact the folks at Fine Balance Imaging for details and possibilities.)

As mentioned on my other blog;

My books and photos are the products of my curiosity and my search for insights into our world, or at least my world. We live on a fascinating planet and in intriguing times. Whether that is for a reason, or just by chance, such a life is amazingly rich with experiences and connections. The best way to feel, to sense, the world and its complexities is the be active enough to get out into it, and quiet enough to observe it.


My few visits spread across twelve months are one small slice of a very long story, yet more than a single Saturday visit and therefore tell more of a tale. Visit it yourself and know that there is much more for you to see than I have shown. I hope you enjoy it all.

The real life on Whidbey Island’s shorelines is more than the photos that make it into the tourism brochures. Nature has seasons and moods that play with us and the island. These photos are only a hint of what happens on the island. Visit almost any art gallery and find the work of many photographers who find no reason to leave the island in search of subjects. Some, like Linda Schwarz, also produce year-long studies (hence her popular calendars.)

Whether as reminders, gifts, or introductions to art that doesn’t have to be bounded by a page, here are the books that already are part of the series.

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