The Lovely Streets Of Whidbey

Live in the city and get an address with a collection of numbers describing a grid. Live on the island and get an address that sounds more like a story.DSCN4414

A quick trip around a map of Whidbey Island reveals plenty of places that were named by folks with a sense of humor, a sense of place, or hopes for ideals. The names may not be as helpful as a grid reference, but places like Anglers Haven Drive and Fishermans Alibi may be far more descriptive. Welcome to a few more examples.

Start with another welcome, Welcome Road. There are more like it. Even with the occasional Noisey Circle, there’s a great supply of sanctuaries and retreats. And, of course, a Welcome Road. Get Neighborly. Or, settle into a Secret or some Solitude. Imagine Utopia. Finally make it to Easy Street.

Welcome Road
Lovely Road
Carefree Lane
Carefree Place
Cozy Place
Dreamland Lane
Easy Street
Hallelujah Way
Happy Trail Road
Happy Valley Road
Leisure Street
Neighborly Lane
Peaceful Place
Sanctuary Lane
Secluded Lane
Secret Place
Serendipity Lane
Serenity Lane
Solitude Place
Utopia Lane

There are flocks and herds and schools of streets named after the various animals on the island. Watching a Calm Walk would make a great video. Instead of a black cat crossing your path, you can drive along Black Cat Lane. Get your spelling right so the mail doesn’t get confused between Rabbit and Ribbit Roads. Trust that Dead Goat Road doesn’t live up to its name all the time.

Black Cat Lane
Bambi Drive
Dead Goat Road
Rabbit Run Road
Ribbit Road
Clam Walk

Want to be a bit more direct? Roads leave no doubt about leading to dirt and acreage.

Dirt Road
Little Dirt Road
Acreage Lane
Little Acres Road

Math geeks can especially appreciate Mobius Loop, but don’t expect to take that too seriously.

Zig Zag Lane
Triangle Road
Mobius Loop

Gamblers can take a chance of driving by Lotto Avenue and Casino Drive. Check those tickets

Into literature? How about Book Woman Lane?

Making music? Try Banjo Drive.

During the spring, find out if Dandelion Lane lives up to its name.

Hope that Flaming Meadow Lane doesn’t live up to its.

Do cars along Rusty Road require more protection?

You’re excused if all you can say is Arrr! while traveling Pirate Lane.

And, if you think you’ve gone far enough and don’t want to go any farther, there’s also Trails End Lane.

If you haven’t figured it out, many people bought land to create their special haven – and they got the county to name the new road. The addresses may be harder to find, but they’re easier to remember – and having a memorable place to live can be your own Lovely Road.

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