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Welcome to AboutWhidbey, a blog about a very welcoming island. I was welcomed here in 1980 by some very neighborly people who befriended a young aerospace engineer who’d moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Everett, WA. It only took me 25 years to actually move to the island, the first place that’s truly felt like home. Until then, I’d mostly lived in apartments, condos, and houses; not in a home or a community.


For a variety of reasons and in a variety of venues, I’ve written about life on Whidbey, always in some unofficial or informal capacity. Unofficial and informal, yep, that describes island life. Don’t be surprised to find “-ish” appended to a lot of scheduled events. Things happen noon-ish, or 4pm-ish, or whatever-ish, but probably not too early (except for fishing and exercise) or too late (“Closed” is a popular sign after 10pm-ish.) Now that I’ve passed my real estate exam, I have a much better excuse to write about Whidbey Island. There are more official sources, (for a start, check the “city”, county, and tourism web sites).

(And then there’s Bayview, a community at the crossroads that lead to Clinton, Langley, Freeland and the north part of the island – but Bayview and its businesses are so busy sitting on the overlap between everywhere else that they haven’t gotten around to organizing a site that I can find.)

Some of the things I’ve written and produced are over on:

There are undoubtedly other sources as well. (InSpirit Magazine comes to mind, though the island version of the web site may be gone by now.)

I enjoy helping people with their projects and goals. I’ve been doing that as a management consultant for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative types. Now that I’m a real estate broker (Coldwell Banker Tara Properties – Bayview), I see helping people meet their goals of living their version of the island life. Hopefully, this blog will be a comfortable resource for people who want to know more about the island. Whidbey Island is so large and diverse, that even locals don’t know where everything is. That’s true for me, too. Ah, but now I have a great excuse to pull together info and resources, or at least stories about life on the island.

Stay tuned, thanks for visiting, and if you want to know more, send me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

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