Tidbits October 1 2022

Just a few simple things.

The weather:

The record dry weather continues, and is forecast to lengthen the stretch.
Bright side: more brightness, less reason to mow, get lots of play and chores done.
Not so bright side: less to harvest, critical fire hazards mean smoky skies, dusty cars.

National Weather Service

Real Estate:

Housing never stops. The only constant is change.
Looking for signs of a slowing #realestate market on #WhidbeyIsland?
Yes, no, maybe depending on what you’re measuring and comparing it to.
Median sales prices were down in September on a monthly basis. Yearly looks different.

(Disclosure: I’m a broker at Dalton Realty, Inc. http://whidbeyrealtor.com/).

Easy Answers

“Where’s the best coffee?” Instead ask, “For coffee drinkers, is there any place to avoid?”

(Note: The same applies to more than just coffee. So many of the businesses on the island are owned and run by passionate people that the list of bad ones is much shorter – or non-existent. Save yourself time trying to decide. It can take less time to explore.)

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