Oak Harbor Music Festival – 2022

The Labor Day Weekend is near, and that means the Oak Harbor Music Festival is, too. As they say on their poster; “Three days of free, live music.” That’s enough of a draw, but then there are also booths, food, drinks, and a party of hundreds? thousands? Do you need a party about now?

The Festival is well-timed. (September 2-4) Summer isn’t officially over, but meteorological fall starts about that time. Maybe our unseasonal heat will be gone. Daylight is getting shorter. The rains will hopefully hold off long enough to let folks walk around without hats and rain jackets or – gasp – umbrellas. In other words, just right.

It is harvest time, so food can be fresh – though that may not matter for some deep-fried options. Shoppers can begin deciding what to buy for the holidays that are only a few months away; but park close so you don’t have to carry everything everywhere all day. Tourist-related businesses watch the shift from families in the summer to couples in the fall. Locals get to enjoy a few days with a big party close to home.

It happens on a large part of Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor, which also means a nice backdrop of the marina in the distance. Can you sail there? The buses have a transit hub one street over. Parking is the same as ever, but it is simpler to walk or bike the last bit.

But its essence is music. It’s a music festival. Two stages mean two options. A mix of bands and performers mean hearing familiar favorites and new sounds, too. Music means dancing, so if you have dancing shoes you might want to bring them – assuming you don’t mind dancing in the street. Asphalt can be a bit scratchy, but it’s outdoors so elbowroom should be easier to find. It is also free, so cuteness will probably be there as kids play and dance and be kids. 

This has been going on for years, so lots of this stuff has been sorted out. If it’s your first time, check with a local who’s been there before and who likes what you like. They’ll have advice about what to bring and expect. Three days is a lot of music. Maybe we should’ve mentioned this earlier because showing up for the entire time takes stamina. Maybe there should be a training camp. Hmm. Maybe it is time to get ready for next year.

PS If there isn’t a post while it is going on, don’t be surprised. I might just be dancing.

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