Sick Day

Sick days happen. But even sick days can be inspirational. A sick day inspired this post.

A sick day on the island can be a reminder that there’s only one major hospital. Whidbey Health is in Coupeville, which is appropriate considering that Coupeville is the County seat. That is balancing act for convenience because it is a 40 minute drive from the south end, and a 29 minute drive from the Pass. Considering that there are more people on the north end that might just be about right, maddeningly long if you’re racing to the hospital, but at least there’s usually less traffic than on the mainland.

A sick day can also be a reminder that ambulance services are distributed throughout the island which might make lights and sirens to your aid. Sad to say, but sometimes that matters.

A sick day can also be a reminder that the island seems to have an abundance of doctors, nurses, health practitioners, alternative medicines, and sometimes people who are there to listen, counsel, and console.

The big city gets a selection of big hospitals, and they can be available; but it is good to know that the island is equipped, too.

Now where are those aspirin…?

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