As I type, the temperature outside is 46F, basically the average high for January. It’s May. Welcome to Mayuary. Apologies to Mother’s Day.

green means rain

Unseasonably cold? That’s an understatement. Some mountain passes are still closed because they have 12 feet of compressed snow to excavate. Fresh snow is falling up there, making it an excuse to not put the skis away, yet. It isn’t cold enough for snow on the island, but it feels that way. What will the gardens think? 

Whidbey Island sits in a temperate zone. It rarely gets very cold or very hot. Some places get wetter than most, but some enjoy the rain shadow provided by the Olympic Mountains. The Banana Belt may be more likely to grow pumpkins, but it is known for being warmer and drier than most of the land around the Salish Sea. Not this week.

This week is real. Stereotypes are notoriously inaccurate. In general they may appear right, but every season, every day gets an opportunity to deliver a unique combination of climate. 

It’s May. The flowers don’t wait for the weather. They have blossoms to bloom, pollen to distribute, fruits to grow, and seeds to make. They won’t wait for postcard weather. 

That also means this can be a good time to visit the various gardens and preserves. A bright overcast can amplify the colors of rain-soaked leaves. Raindrops become reasons for artistic photos. No Instagram filters required. Whidbey is pretty enough without them.

This will pass, of course. We’re only a few weeks from the official start of summer. The crops of tourists are already sprouting. The whales are in town. They aren’t phased by a bit of rain. Shops are open. Stocks are fresh. Rafts of fishing boats suggest that season has begun, too.

from a warm day a while ago

April showers bring May showers, as well as flowers. Just ask the rhodies. Warmth, however, may take a bit more patience this year. Stay tuned, and maybe leave the furnace running a bit longer this year. You’ll need it after coming in from the garden.

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