An island staycation:

Sleep in. You’re already here, so there’s no need to get up early to catch the ferry.

Breakfast at home or breakfast out. Stay home and don’t worry about dressing up, or waiting in line. Or. Go out for breakfast because that means someone else cooks and cleans. Repeat for lunch and dinner.

Hang around the house or play tourist. Still in pajamas? OK. Stay that way. People come here for their vacations. You’re already here, so congratulate yourself on your wisdom. Or. Visit a part of the island you’ve never visited before. There’s always something new to do out there. Bonus points for dressing and acting like a tourist to see if you are treated differently. Or. Get into your grubbies and finally do those chores that have been nagging you. Driving to the hardware or gardening store for supplies is allowed.

Do nothing, or try to do everything, or maybe just do what feels right. Doing nothing is actually hard for some people. It can be worth a try. Or. Doing everything seems like an option, but the most that can be done is to multi-task every waking minute of the day. But then you’ll need a vacation. Or. Forget dos and don’ts, shoulds and shouldn’ts and simply do what feels right – as long as it is legal and safe and polite, of course.

Treat yourself. You’re taking a staycation. Think of the money you’re saving. Take a third of that and buy some food you’d normally skip. Organic can be worth a try. So can locally grown. The island has local beer, wine, mead, and liquor. Make a meal from things you can bought from locals. Celebrate the island.

Celebrate the island. Celebrate your good choice in your place to live. People come here from around the world, stay a few days, then leave. Year-round residents can enjoy this place every day. Ah.

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