Corona Virus March 5 2022

Good news! This may be the last time this blog has to write about the pandemic. The Covid19 virus hasn’t been eradicated; it is endemic, which means it had enough time to establish itself as something we may always have to deal with, but is manageable on a public health level. Most folks are understandably skipping those details because the Governor’s office announced;

In Washington, indoor mask requirements will be lifted as of 11:59 p.m. on March 11.” – The Office of the Governor

With caveats, of course, but many may have skipped the following quote;

Masks will still be required in certain settings including health care, corrections facilities, and long-term care facilities. The Washington State Department of Health will be issuing new guidance for K-12 schools next week so schools can prepare to implement updated safety protocols.” – The Office of the Governor

So, don’t be surprised if many throw their masks in the air or into a fire while many continue to keep a fresh supply and will wear them for as long as their situation requires or recommends.

The good news about the masks is at least partly because the spike from last month’s variant has dropped dramatically.

Thanks to the professionals who developed and administered the vaccines, and those who were vaccinated.

Maybe this storm as passed, just as the winter storms are passing. All of this good news is especially welcome as the island’s gardens and festivals are re-emerging. It is good to be able to look forward to seeing friends and folks from all around, again.

Rather than get rid of those masks, keep the unused ones around. No one knows whether some variant will make them necessary, again. In the meantime, they’re handy while tackling dusty chores, a good addition to emergency preparedness kits (Mt. St. Helens proved that), and can be a defense against the eternal pollen and hay fever seasons. And especially on creative Whidbey, someone will turn old masks into some piece of art, or find some charitable use for the rest.

Looking forward to seeing smiling faces, again.

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