Corona Virus December 3 2021

Whidbey Island welcomes guest, tourists, and visitors. It is time for Corona Virus, Covid-19, whatever to leave. Alas, it remains, and it remains at levels higher than when we first realized a response was necessary. The good news continues to be the people who are getting vaccinated, are masking, and are social distancing. The not so good news is that services like the ferries and restaurants are impacted by too many workers who are exposed to the virus. Vigilance, it’s hard to maintain, especially as we are in the holiday season, the same season that had an increase last year. Let’s look at the data, something measured rather than guesses and stories.

Sadly, despite vaccinations and more information about what to do, the recent total infections are up from last holiday season. Nationally, the infection rates are elevated from the un-vaccinated, particularly among those most likely to need hospitalization. Unfortunately, this data doesn’t break out those trends for Island County.

Washington State had been doing much better than the rest of the US, but now has a similar trend.

Our area recognized the threat early, thanks to some rule breakers. Now that the initial virus and the mutations have had enough time to spread, that distinction may have been lost. But, all data is not created equal and some places may not be reporting a methodically as others.

Here’s to not having to even discuss this a year from now, except as a phase we went through, learned from, and improved because of. Thanks to those who are acting responsibly. You help us all.

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