Corona Virus November 4 2021

Another month another – whoa, really? A short post to continue chronicling our progression through the pandemic.

The good news, in general the pandemic case load is down from its post-Labor Day peak.

The other good news, at least 64% of Island County residents are fully vaccinated. Thank you, all.

One sign of the length of the crisis is that the Corona Virus is no longer called Covid-19, as we approach 2022. Instead, many are simply calling it Covid. And then there’s Delta, and many more letters in the Greek alphabet to cover subsequent mutations. We’re past a dozen, currently.

The bad news, which you knew was coming after the good news, is while the rates and deaths are down, they’re down to levels far above last year’s levels which inspired so much urgent action. That data that looks like a blip now was a mountain of concern in April 2020 – and prompted enough shutdowns, masking, and distancing that even with a vaccine we thought we might be clean and clear by Summer. Whidbey Island was one of the first places to recognize the threat, and quickly became one of the safer places in the country. Since September, we’re performing about as well as the rest of the country.

There’s no need to belabor the point. But despite people asking to ease restrictions, the virus continues to spread at every opportunity. Alas.

Again, thanks to everyone who is social distancing, masking, and getting vaccinated.

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