Corona Virus October 7, 2021

Why keep writing about the pandemic? Because it is there – and it shouldn’t be. And yet, it continues. The recent surge is blamed on the openness of Labor Day events. Our attempts at celebrating the end of the summer may have been on time for the autumn but too early in terms of spreading the disease. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic is affecting almost every aspect of daily life. Hopefully, we are learning to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and getting vaccinations.

Here’s the monthly update on the data.

Washington State’s numbers are dropping after spiking higher than at any time during the pandemic. With masking we could be down to the lowest recent levels of the pandemic by the end of the year. The worst case scenario, however, suggests that the pandemic could basically become the new normal.

The toughest counties in the state are naturally the ones with the greatest density. It’s harder in the city than in the country to maintain distancing and intermingling.

Island County is looking better than many places, but that’s relative.

The pandemic is being so readily spread that we’ll probably be in this phase until more people get vaccinated – and the booster shots now that the pandemic has been taking so long.

The good news is that the majority of people are getting vaccinated. Working and learning from home has become more common. As for Whidbey, traffic on the roads and in the shops suggest that many people decided to stay after their vacation, or even move here. That helps the local shops (as long as folks wear masks) at least somewhat in the short term, but may also have a long term effect if those moves increase our year-round population.

Stay tuned, and thanks for masking up and getting the shots.

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