Corona Virus September 4 2021

We might start getting headaches from all of times we’ve had to slap our foreheads at the resurgence of the pandemic. Sigh. Sad to say that the virus has been given enough time and sites to evolve into something worse. It’s not done yet – (as someone walks in the door without a mask and makes fun of it.) Yes. We have a long way to go, sadly.

That spike in April 2020 looks benign in comparison.

The relatively good news is that Island County is doing better than much of the state.

And the state is doing better than much of the country.

Fortunately, the weather is good (enough) and there’s plenty to do outdoors (whether that’s chores or fun). As for next month’s news, well, it looks like we can’t take any month or news or trend for granted.

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