Corona Virus June 3 2021

Could it really be happening? The CDC has announced fairly broad conditions for not having to wear masks. There are variants that are worrisome, but the vaccines seem to be working better than most would’ve expected this time last year. More businesses are opening. Summer seems to be conspiring to complete the reasons to relax. Ah.

So, maybe and hopefully for one of the last times, here’s the data that revealed the good news.

All of Washington State is Phase 3. Phase 3 can mean different things for different venues, businesses, industries, and celebrations, but in general be prepared with the old precautions and be ready to relegate them to being a backup. Masks are increasingly likely to get stuffed into a pocket when people find that everyone else in the vicinity is double-vaccinated, too.


The State’s data bounced along for about a month, and is now trending lower; though still not lower than even just last autumn.

Washington State Coronavirus Response

The County is looking better, too. And again, not as low as last year’s lows, but heading that way.

Maybe one of the more public and playful signs is the Fair.

See you at the Fair! (Oh yeah, and if you’re more comfortable wearing a mask, go for it. You won’t be the only one.)

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