A Simple Rainy Sunny Whidbey Drive

OK. Got to admit it. It is well known that Whidbey’s weather isn’t the same. The ends and the east are wetter. The middle, particularly the west, is dryer. But is that really true? Data says so. The map says so. But, sometimes curiosity is best satisfied by being there. So, here’s a photo montage of a couple of hours of weather as seen from one drive from the Clinton Ferry, to the Coupeville Ferry, to the Deception Pass Bridge. (Normally, the drive takes less time, but hey, errands happen in real life.)

Bonus: Most of the photos are taken from the shoulder at the few traffic lights, a few other places in the big gaps, but had to skip most of Oak Harbor to be safe.

Yep. A simple, silly idea. A way to spend a couple of hours satisfying a curiosity while being socially distant. Sure enough, windshield wipers were busy on the south end, dry all around in the middle, and a chance of rain on the north end. One forecast can’t handle them all. Just over 47 miles, one way. A drive that some wish was shorter, but that is so appealing that people travel thousands of miles to enjoy what the island holds in a few dozen miles. And it is free (except for the costs of gas, and maybe new wiper blades.)

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