Twelve Months At Possession Beach

And another in the series photo essay of Whidbey Island is complete:

Twelve Months At Possession Beach

the seventh in the five-part series (do the math.)

0526_Autumn Contrasts

As it says in the book (and you can hear in the video – see the complete list of links at the end);

On the southeast corner of Whidbey Island, a pair of parks protect a place called Possession, the beach and the point.
  Early settlers lined the shore with tidy cabins and cottages enjoying the the water and the forests, the fishing and the timber. Quiet neighborhoods remain, filling on weekends, in the summer, and when the salmon are returning.
  Eagles, heron, and gulls glide along the breezes hunting for meals. Seals, orcas, and larger whales do the same, barely cresting the waves.
Steep bluffs treed with a resurgent forest are a reminder of the persistence of nature.
  Walk the beaches at low tide, wandering among fresh supplies of driftwood. Climb the trails to the ridge top or the promontory that is Possession Point. Between, find saltmarshes with flashes of red in wild roses and redwing blackbirds.
  On clear days, look across to snowy mountains and the pair of volcanoes that are Baker and Rainier. The Pacific Northwest in microcosm.

Each of the seven photo essays takes a year, naturally. The concept is simple;

My few visits spread across twelve months are one small slice of a very long story, yet more than a single Saturday visit and therefore tell more of a tale.”

The six other sites (in the five-part series) are (roughly north to south):

Deception Pass

July's Passage

Penn Cove

Tom Trimbath-DSC_9413

Admiralty Head

Tom Trimbath-DSC_6496-Edit-FBISedit-CLEAN

Double Bluff

Nebulous October

Maxwelton Beach

DSC_8118_Waves of Bronze

Cultus Bay


and now, Possession Beach, including the southern tip of the island: Possession Point.

0775_Expansive Possession Point

My books and photos are the products of my curiosity and my search for insights into our world, or at least my world. We live on a fascinating planet and in intriguing times. Whether that is for a reason, or just by chance, such a life is amazingly rich with experiences and connections. The best way to feel, to sense, the world and its complexities is the be active enough to get out into it, and quiet enough to observe it.

First come the photos: available on the island at Fine Balance Imaging (custom orders) or online at Fine Art America.

Next comes the book: available at

Possession Beach cover - draft

Then comes the video: on

Whidbey Island is diverse. Some species visit all of the sites. Others prefer one environment over another. Islanders get to see each throughout a year, which may be why they appreciate the island in every season and almost every weather.


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