Is Whidbey Changing – Spring 2019 – Langley

Thanks to the Langley, Freeland, and Coupeville libraries for the opportunity to host a series of discussions about ‘Is Whidbey Changing?’; a topic that includes affordability, island culture, and sustainability from the perspective of real estate trends. The answer is simple; of course Whidbey Island is changing, because change is a constant. Each part of the island is witnessing different changes. The link leads to a (long) synopsis of the April 2019 Langley presentation. Most of it is about the island in general, because the rest of the world may not make smaller distinctions, but there were a few items specific to South Whidbey, and Langley in particular. (Waterfront makes a big difference, and yet it doesn’t. Downtown Langley is also a thing.) Here’s hoping the link works. If not, send me a note. Two more events are planned: Freeland Library on April 23rd at 2PM, and Coupeville Library on May 4th at 10AM. Each will be a bit different, yet cover the same topics. Drop by and join the conversation.

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Well, I did it again. Last night we reprised the presentation made late last year about real estate and affordability trends on Whidbey Island. I say ‘we’ because if there wasn’t a library to host it or an audience that asked questions it would only be me talking to an empty room. That would be silly. As in many places around Seattle, along the coast, and across the planet housing has become an issue for everyone from serious investors to individuals fortunate enough to afford a house to the homeless and near-homeless. Through in economy concerns and create a topic worthy of lots of discussions, and occasional updates.

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For that previous presentation, as well as a fuller narrative and a link to the video, go to ‘Is Whidbey Changing‘ (the edition that was named before I realized this could be a recurring title.) (Also: Curses to the clash…

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