DjangoFest And Oyster Run 2018

Get ready to rumble! Alright. So, the previous post was about how the island gets a lot quieter after Labor Day. That’s true; but a few things do show up to make some noise. There’s always the local air traffic, gravel yards, a gun range or two; but there are also annual events like music festivals, sport events, and general frivolity. This weekend is an annual informal parade of motorcycles, the Oyster Run – a time when seemingly hundreds of motorcycles roar off the ferries headed towards Anacortes, another ferry terminal on the next island up, Fidalgo. Enjoy the show, or just wait until Monday.

The Oyster Run;

all started with a few guys getting together at the end of summer to go for a ride and eat some oysters.

And so a tradition begins. There’s no set route. Even if there was, the riders would enjoy ignoring the rules.


Some adjustments must be made. On a normal day, motorcycles get to go to the head of the line, or at least close to it. They don’t have to wait in the ferry lines. Even large motorcycles take up less room than most cars, so they get to load first (unless there’s an emergency). Not this weekend. The Washington State Ferry System sets new rules for a day. They even tweet about it.


For one weekend, there may be Fewer Ferraris, but there will be a lot more Harleys.

Living on Whidbey means watching people play. Crowds come for art tours, kite festivals, and mystery weekends, fairly quiet events. But is also means welcoming freedom in many forms.

Speaking of other forms, Djangofest will also be happening. Downtown Langley becomes the center for music inspired by Django Rheinhart. Some call it Gypsy Jazz. Others claim it as a unique style. Music doesn’t care what label is put on it. Django is up-tempo music to move by, even if that’s just bouncing in your seat. With more than a dozen bands and artists in the lineup, there’s enough music to fill almost a week of events. While some come for the ticketed events, others know to visit the bars, restaurants, cafes, sometimes the parks and street corners to hear expert jam sessions. Find a big enough space and maybe get some dancing in.

Screenshot 2018-09-19 at 19.33.47

Both events bump traffic for food, drink, and rooms. Undoubtedly, someone will attend both. Why not? A little bit more play time may be just what we need.

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