Tom Got A Job

Do you want to take over this blog, Thanks to a new job I get to work and write about all of Island County, but in a new way. I am now a Project Manager for the Economic Development Council of Island County, which means I’ll be broadening my view beyond Whidbey Island. Hello, Camano. Nice to see you, again.

That means that it is time for someone else to take over If only one person wants it, fine. If several do, well, we’ll find a way to manage that.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the longer version of my story…

Trimbathcreative's Blog (Tom Trimbath)

A rare event: real news about my personal finances. I got a job. A real, W-2, full time(-ish), benefits package, signed contract, legit job. Whew. W-H-E-W! Expect to see changes in what, when, how, and why I post. As I type I can’t announce it yet, but I’m so pleased to share the news that I’ll write as much as I can, then insert the details in a paragraph after the news embargo is lifted.

(new embargo lifted)

And after a delay, here is some of what I know about the organization and the job, so far. (I expect a steep learning curve.) “The Economic Development Council for Island County (EDC) is pleased to extend an offer to you for the position of Project Manager.

And for those unfamiliar with the area and the organization;

The EDC works to create a thriving economic environment where business can…

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